End of the year teacher tired

Loyal readers, I can’t explain my recent absence to you with anything but the excuse of exhaustion. I’ve simply been plugging along, trying to make it through the end of the school year. I didn’t feel the familiar sense of excitement at the upcoming summer – nor the dread for the final weeks of the… Continue reading End of the year teacher tired


Things I did during “lunch”

Here’s a list of how I spent my 35-minute lunch break today: Walked my kids to the cafeteria Filled up 2 water bottles at the filter station, which is about as far away as I can possibly be from my room and still be in this building Picked up copies that I had requested from… Continue reading Things I did during “lunch”


Why I’d rather give my kids pneumonia than take a sick day

My best friend had pneumonia last year. It did not warrant the kind of sick days where you can secretly enjoy binge-watching TV and eating ice cream; it was actually debilitating, and it did not sound like a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. I know deep down that, if I were to… Continue reading Why I’d rather give my kids pneumonia than take a sick day

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Teacher evaluations and student testing: pitfalls and proposed solutions

In my mad search for materials as we returned from our recent holiday break, I happened upon an opinion piece that I’d written to apply for a spot as a guest columnist at a local circular a couple of years ago. I skimmed through it and was surprised to see that, even after two more… Continue reading Teacher evaluations and student testing: pitfalls and proposed solutions

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Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm (or, how karaoke tips apply to good teaching)

Please excuse my tardiness in posting a day late. I was working on getting a different post up last night, but between proctoring exams this week and attending multiple holiday parties, I fell asleep with a dog in my lap before I could publish it. Now, I see that the daily prompt is “Enthusiasm,” so… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm (or, how karaoke tips apply to good teaching)


Teachers need secretaries

As I mentioned in last week’s blog about my field trip: teachers need secretaries. One of my friends who saw me through the dark and stormy days of my first year teaching declared this after seeing me lug pounds of paper around in hopes of grading and making parent phone calls during a Sunday afternoon… Continue reading Teachers need secretaries

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Teaching in the sharing economy

Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on sharing – specifically, sharing the materials I create as a teacher, and how that could and should be done. In this day and age of instant access, this issue is something that I am very conflicted about, and I’m really curious to see how others feel. Is… Continue reading Teaching in the sharing economy

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The importance of timing

“The Sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to us.” – Alexandra Elle I try my darnedest to make the most of the 45 minutes of “light” I am given to divide among 25 or so students every day. But sometimes, unannounced interruptions… Continue reading The importance of timing

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Fault versus responsibility

I would imagine that all jobs entail a series of “unwritten rules” and additional understandings and protocol not listed in the contract. I’m here to respond to complaints that I hear all too frequently from teachers who have already accepted their positions — as both a counter position and a word of caution to those… Continue reading Fault versus responsibility