An open letter to my Republican senators

I’ve handwritten and sent the following to both of my senators. Feel free to share, reproduce, and do the same. Dear Senators, Last week, I took time out of my 30-minute lunch to watch you vote to confirm Elisabeth DeVos as our next Secretary of Education. Since she was nominated, I was wary. I gathered… Continue reading An open letter to my Republican senators


A day without immigrants taking tests

Today, our school is engaged in day 3 of 4 of a period of district-mandated testing. This involves schedule and class changes and has contributed to a feeling of generalized chaos in the halls this week. Students are not only going to classes for different lengths of time, but they’re going out of order, and… Continue reading A day without immigrants taking tests


Things I did during “lunch”

Here’s a list of how I spent my 35-minute lunch break today: Walked my kids to the cafeteria Filled up 2 water bottles at the filter station, which is about as far away as I can possibly be from my room and still be in this building Picked up copies that I had requested from… Continue reading Things I did during “lunch”