Things I did during “lunch”

Here’s a list of how I spent my 35-minute lunch break today:

  • Walked my kids to the cafeteria
  • Filled up 2 water bottles at the filter station, which is about as far away as I can possibly be from my room and still be in this building
  • Picked up copies that I had requested from the copy center
  • Checked my mailbox in the front office
  • Scheduled a meeting with our principal via the office manager
  • Howdied with the front office clerk
  • Texted the other clerk congratulations on having her baby this morning
  • Checked my email
  • Checked Facebook
  • Used the restroom
  • Heated up my food
  • Ate my food
  • Called a parent who I’d texted earlier this morning
  • Wrote this blog

I’d consider this a light day.

How did you spend your lunch break? How long did you have?


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