Research proposal

I want to do some research. I’m no sociologist, so I’m not sure how best to go about this. Oh, and I’m a teacher, so I work approximately 60 hours per week, give or take a few. During student dismissal procedures after school the other day, we had not one, not two, but three fights.… Continue reading Research proposal

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Lesson planning in my sleep (literally)

I had a unique experience last night: I dreamed a lesson plan. It wasn’t perfect. In fact, it turns out that, while I thought I was adding on some reflection questions to an activity I’d already planned for today, these reflection questions that I dreamed were on a different subject. Still, they were GOOD questions:… Continue reading Lesson planning in my sleep (literally)

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5 things that would fix teacher prep programs – or would they?

While at dinner with friends last night, a problem that I often pore over came up: that of teacher preparation. I’d like to offer a disclaimer before I go any further in this post: I was not  adequately prepared my first year of teaching. That led to many tears on my part…and probably on the… Continue reading 5 things that would fix teacher prep programs – or would they?


My end-of-term dilemma

Retention of students in a grade for an additional year has been shown, time and again, not to actually help in catching students up to grade level, but to increase the likelihood of students dropping out. Whether it’s based on grades or attendance, think about it: hearing something the same way twice does not likely… Continue reading My end-of-term dilemma