End of the year teacher tired

Loyal readers,

I can’t explain my recent absence to you with anything but the excuse of exhaustion. I’ve simply been plugging along, trying to make it through the end of the school year. I didn’t feel the familiar sense of excitement at the upcoming summer – nor the dread for the final weeks of the school year – until the beginning of May this year. That’s later than normal. But once it hit, it hit hard.

You may have seen some memes floating around that declare, “There’s no tired like end of the year teacher tired,” usually accompanied by a picture of a harried, unkempt animal. I can vouch for the verity of that statement. Here’s what end of the year teacher tired has looked like for me recently:

  • Having a bag of Takis that should have been a student reward for dinner
  • Sleeping for 12+ hours a night – from when I get home from work to when I need to leave for work in the morning
  • Playing mindless iPad games for an inexplicable number of minutes each day
  • Increasing coffee intake from 0-2 to 5+ cups per day
  • Increasing fast food intake because I can’t muster the strength to go grocery shopping, let alone cook
  • Falling asleep while reading a good book
  • Venting and cursing more (to fellow teachers, of course)

I recognize that these do not sound like healthy behaviors. If you’re concerned, I appreciate it. I am trying to maintain my fruit and vegetable intake and my running schedule, but it’s tough. I just need a few full days of sleep and no students, and I should be able to get back to normal. That means more blogs, too. 🙂


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